"Change to" option for layer triggers + Swap instance menu = Codependent layers interactions

please make “change to” option for nested layers, and any other layers, the same way as you do this for swap instance menu. let me select layer in prototype mode, than make interaction, and select “change to” trigger, after it, select layer from swap instance menu from any variant set (just add swap instance menu there)

it can make work easier and it may make fewer variants, i will just make every layer that i want to change by trigger on any layer in any variant set or just simple layer, than “change to”> swap instance menu, choose variant i want to trigger (inside one component set) and animation for it (the same as it work inside anyone variant set). without making a lot of variants with swap property option, and all nested layers or variants from another variant set will change to another variant from variant set, where swapped instance from.

it can make interactions between different variant sets work codependent

Hey @Elyriades, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Change to action.
I really appreciate your detailed explanation! It’s clear how valuable this idea is to you.

I believe that your idea would also be helpful for other community members! We’re excited to see votes and comments from other members in the community. Feel free to vote on this idea!