Change font family with Variables (or something else)?

Hey everyone, I’m wondering if it’s possible to change the font family through the variables feature.

I’m working on some designs where the screens are duplicated, with the difference in color and font family. The color is easy to solve with variables and I would be able to simply copy+paste and change the mode. However, I’m not able to change the font family and I’m wondering if this is something possible to do at the moment…

In case it’s not possible to do this via Variables, do you have any suggestions? Otherwise I have the double of components to maintain just for the sake of the font family.


Hey there @Bruno31 this isn’t currently possible but it is something we’re working on. You can check out the “coming soon” section of our variable help doc for a little more info. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome @Josh , do you have an estimative when that feature will be available? As I’m working on my design system at the moment, if this feature is coming out pretty soon then I could plan making any updates once it’s out

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Unfortunately I don’t. We don’t typically share specifics on timelines, but even if I could it would be hard to do with variables as they’re in beta. Everything is sort of in flux as the team focuses on gathering early feedback, making small improvements, fixing bugs, etc.

If that changes though we’ll be sure to update this thread and the community with more info/news. :slight_smile:

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