Challenge with Nested Components

I’m facing a perplexing issue while working with nested components in Figma, particularly related to the behavior of overrides. In my design project, I’ve created a set of nested components to maintain consistency and streamline the design process. However, I’ve noticed that when I apply overrides to certain instances of nested components, the changes don’t propagate as expected across all instances.

For instance, I have a primary button component that contains nested components for various states such as hover and active. When I override the text or icon inside the primary button instance, the changes reflect correctly. However, when I try to override the style or content of a nested component within the primary button instance, the overrides seem to be ignored, and the nested component retains its default state.

I’ve double-checked the component hierarchy, ensured that all nested components are properly nested within their parent components, and verified that the overrides are correctly set up. Despite these efforts, the inconsistency in overrides behavior persists, making it challenging to efficiently customize nested components across different instances.

Has anyone else encountered similar issues with nested components and overrides in Figma? If so, could you please share any insights, workarounds, or best practices to overcome this issue and ensure consistent overrides behavior within nested components? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @joeroot.pk80 I’m not well-versed in overrides, so the behaviors you’re describing I’m able to understand, I don’t think I’m equipped well enough to answer directly.

Since you mentioned you’ve reviewed everything on your end, I think it comes down to support being able to review the files/libraries with the components/variants that are misbehaving. I, unfortunately, can’t review your file directly on my end.

If you could fill out this form and let me know once you’ve done so, I’ll do a check to make sure it’s received in the system:

If you can’t share the files because of NDA or anything else, no worries – just provide any additional details you can (you can also link to this post).

I hope this doesn’t come off as me brushing you off! I want to make sure you get a high quality answer from someone more experienced.