Capturing requirements side by side with design

My team captures large flows and designs with multiple screens on a single Figma page. Our requirements documentation is stored in Notion. We are able to pull the Figma flows/designs into Notion; however, the experience typically leads to those reading the requirements having to have two apps/tabs open since the flows/designs are too large to view in context to the documentation.

I have noticed you recently introduced widgets like the Jira widget where we can pull in a Jira item and click a Sync button to refresh to pull in the latest data about the item.

I would really love it if something similar existed for Notion. If I could capture requirements in Notion, using Notions text formatting/commenting abilities, but pull this into Figma so that I can see this documentation side by side with the designs/flows. It would be awesome if updates in Notion were automatically visible in Figma, but a Sync button similar to that which exists for Jira would also suffice.

Does this exist today with Notion or any other documentation tools? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know - or if this doesn’t exist if this could be an idea for your backlog? Thanks!

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