Can't use existing color style or variable in conditional action

Within a condition I am using the Set variable action to set the color of the variable alertStatus, however I need to go rogue and set that color by hand, despite having it defined in my system (as a style or color variable does not matter).

Is there a way to do this with defined colors? If not this is inefficient and error-prone and there should be a manner of feeding existing colors to variables within actions.

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Same goes for variable modes. I created a collection with all my colors and for each I have a Light mode and a Dark mode. I was expecting to be able to change the mode in the Set variable prototype as per this help article

Select mode definitions in prototype actions

Not sure if it’s a bug or I am doing something wrong.


Yeah, I wanted to point a token colour variable at a different primitive colour variable … though there is only the colour picker or document colours to choose from here. Not the actual colour variables already defined in the primitives collection. :frowning: