Can't set a boolean to control the value of a boolean

A property boolean on a component can be assigned a boolean variable.
If there are multiple variants of a component, I can assign a boolean, just not the layer visibility property.

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Plus +10 to this idea!
Imagine a scenario where you have two distinct styles for all your components: solid and outline. Now, suppose you desire to transform the entire design into an outline version with a simple toggle of a Boolean variable. This capability becomes absolutely essential in such situations.

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Hey @Phil_Larsen,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

It looks like this might be a feature/UI limitation specific to the visibility property. To bind a boolean variable for visibility, you can try the entry point on the layer property for your desired layer to hide.

Right clicking the :eye: icon will pop open the variable selection modal, you can bind the boolean variable to the visibility toggle. It’s important to note that this will override the component property boolean toggle for visibility.


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