Can't open any Plugin in any file

I have been using Figma for over a year but never ran into this problem. All of a sudden my plugins stopped working and I can’t use any plugin. It shows me that I can’t open this plugin in this file but even when I create a new file I can’t open any plugin. Please help.

Do you have a Figma Organization plan? You are most likely trying to run a plugin that has not been approved by your organization.

No, I have an education plan. And I could use plugins like yesterday and now they just don’t open for some unknown reason.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Restart the app/browser;
  • Restart a computer;
  • Clear app/browser cache;
  • Re-login to account.

If none of this helped, please submit a bug report to the support.

Has there been any sort of resolution to this? I came across this same issue this past weekend. Currently Using Organizational plan.


Actually the issue got resolved itself after some time like (few hours).
You can try closing and opening the Figma again or restarting your Mac/pc.

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