Can't get 'hide ui' to work on iOS or Android

Hi, I’ve done a number of searches to see if this has been discussed and have found no mention of it.

I’m using the “hide figma ui” option when sharing our prototype link but it changes nothing. The view on both iOS and Android screens includes the Figma url and navigation elements whether or not “hide-ui=1” is appended to the link. Is there something I’m overlooking?

I don’t see an option to hide UI in the Mirror app (on my Samsung Galaxy S9+) so I have tried manually adding the string (’&hide-ui=1’ directly after the prototype url) as well as generating it from the prototype view on my desktop screen.

For modifying the URL manually, could you try the URL encoded version: %26hide-ui%3D1 <<< This works for me on iPhone.

Thanks Nelson,
On my Samsung it’s not working.
I can’t give a full URL, but to show how I appended your string, here’s the back half:

… &starting-point-node-id%3D212%253A12236%26hide-ui%3D1

If this is the right way to do it, I’ll ask my iphone users to check it and see if it at least works for them.

The back half looks right. FWIW, maybe try using the embed URL (you can find this in the src= portion of the embed HTML) instead? The embed URL just redirects to the prototype link, but has additional parameters.

Thanks again Nelson,
Still no luck. I’m sure there is some wrong assumption I’m making that is messing this up. I’ll keep messing with it :slight_smile:

Found this somewhere else to hide the UI for a live embed, worth trying for yours: “I just tested this and adding %26hide-ui%3D1 to the end of the src= URL works for prototype embeds.”

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Thanks, Anastasia!
I won’t get a chance to try it this round, but I will definitely give it a go.