Can't apply variable to string inside a component?

Hi! I’m working on a project where the same screens need to be in different languages. I’ve been aplying the variables to the strings so I can navigate between languages without having to duplicate the frames.

However, I noticed that when trying to apply the variable to a string inside a component, it does aply, but when I change the variable mode it gets removed.

Is this normal? There’s any way to fix it? It doesn’t happen with components created in the same design file, only for components from other libraries.

Hi there,

Thanks for the post. Would you be able to double check if the layers are set to Auto? I tested on my end it worked properly even thought the main coponents resided in the different file. When I set a specific mode to each layer, it doesn’t change automatically: So, could you check the setting as attached?

If I am missing important points, please feel free to let me know! I’d love to check again.