Cannot uninstall plugin from desktop app?

I’ve looked online and in this community for an answer but to no avail. I have a few plugins that are not appearing in “saved plugins” on the desktop app. I therefore can’t uninstall them.

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 6.29.19 PM

I specifically want to remove Forms plugin and Table Creator plugin?

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 6.33.25 PM

These are not installed plugins, these are recently ran plugins. You can’t remove them. The saved plugins are under the “Saved plugins” menu that you showed on the last screenshot.

Thanks Gleb. That finally makes sense. I presume the last run is a small list so these will eventually get bumped off when I use different plugins.

Yep, indeed

Had similar confusion to OP, what I find confusing is there are some plugins that I did not install already in my ‘Saved’ list but they don’t appear in drop-down list in the workspace window