Cannot set thumbnail when element is a component instance in FigJam

When working with cover templates as a component in FigJam, I am not able to set the component instance as a thumbnail for the file. I am not for sure if this was intentional or if it was a bug. It is a bit annoying to have to go back to a design file, create a cover, detach it, and add it back to the FigJam file in order to set it as the thumbnail.

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Hello! Thank you for filing this.

Setting as thumbnail isn’t possible in FigJam right now, but we will take this as a feature request and prioritize with our other tasks.



I can set thumbnails in FigJam files only if it is not a component instance. If I were to add a component I made into a FigJam file (from a design file), I am not able to make that instance the thumbnail. Only until I detach the instance outside of a FigJam file (detaching also not possible in FigJam) and copy/paste it back into the FigJam file am I able to set it as the thumbnail. I also found that I cannot set main components as a thumbnail in design files.

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Hi all, I’ve been using covers in FigJam as well. I created a variant in Figma that has a variety of file cover types (project, flowchart, process, etc.) and can access them in FigJam after I load the component library using the Libraries feature . Then you can select whatever cover you would need for that FigJam file (they provide a drop down to select the variant type, even in FigJam). However…it appears the “Set as thumbnail” command in FigJam is not available for added Figma components (apparently because it is considered an instance and has no top level frame). So what I have to do is cut it out of FigJam, drop it into a Figma design file, give it a frame, then cut paste it back into FigJam - not ideal. This is something Figma should consider adding; seems like it just a missing feature. Cheers, Ben


It is possible: (And you are not the first person from Figma who says that, what’s going on? :sweat_smile:)

As for setting instances as thumbnails, this isn’t possible in Figma either. In Figma you can easily wrap the thumbnail in a frame but it’s not possible to do in FigJam, even with plugins. So an option to set instance as thumbnail would be very much welcome in FigJam (and Figma too for that matter).

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