Cannot select 'Change to' toggle switches or dropdowns in variable conditional interactions

I’m creating a fairly complex set of interactions with variables and noticed that I cannot change the state of this variant property, seemingly only because it’s a true/false toggle switch. This is also affecting the dropdowns. While I am able to actually make the dropdown open, I cannot actually select a different option.
Has anyone else seen this issue?

I am having a similar issue. I am using conditionals to check the value of a variable, then I am trying to Change To one of 3 variants depending on those values. The default variant is the only allowed, although all 3 are displayed in the dropdown but just won’t select. There is a similar issue to this at Conditional "Change to" not working as expected - #3 by Jake_Barrow_jbarrow
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Similar for me. Else statement change is mirrored to the IF condition.

Sometimes this still works in some mysterious way, almost like it’s somehow only a UI glitch.

Aug-14-2023 19-29-06