Can you stop doing "intuitive UI" and make it convenient?

After multiple years and one big aquisition Figma still feels like a beta product. That would be probably fine for a free and actively developing product, but that’s not the case.

Here are my biggest peeves:

  • Editing vector shapes. Do you intent to finalize the UI? Why should I try to remember the hotkeys to change a vertex from corner to bezier? Is it hard to put that into a context menu?

  • Constantly messing the rights to open documents. I have two accounts, one company, one personal. Periodically my personal files open as “View”, as if I’ve opened them from my company account. Besides the inconvenience, I wonder how broken is Figma security?

  • The Figma menu. Why are menu commands hidden? You have the space on the toolbar anyway. For reference have a look how other programs do it (VS Code for example).

  • Detach Instance. Sometime it’s there, sometimes it’s not.

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