Can we add an option to hide the Figma/ Figjam favicon?

In a recent update I noticed you have introduced favicons to differentiates between Figma and Figjam.

Is there a way to hide it? Especially when I have too many tabs opened it would be more useful to see the first few characters of the file name.

I appreciates whoever allowed emojis to show as a favicon instead of the default ones.
Which suggests adding emojis into file names is indeed an intentional design by Figma.


This is pretty annoying for me at the moment as I prefix my files by squad, product, client name etc. So I do end up only seeing 5-8 characters with the new emojis at times. Not sure on how useful the tool emoji is to me at this moment in time


I’d argue that even when they are there they need to be more toned down or grayscaled. There’s so much color that it draws my eyes when I want to be focused on my canvas. But also happy to toggle them off.


Immediately saw these and hated it.


There needs to be some resolution on this by Figma. I would even propose to group the Tabs (like Chrome allows). But for sure the ability to hide these pointless icons–they take up precious real estate, and are not good design


I think it should be optional (Similarly to Notion) - if you want to have a favicon or file type icon - by all means do so, it may be even useful to some people… but I have tons of files opened at the same time and when I only see the design icons it makes it super hard to navigate through my files, so I myself would prefer hiding it completely


on board with the above. These offer literally zero value to me as I do not use FigJam. Please let me turn them off.


These fundamentally make tab labels useless. Really impacting productivity for me as I bounce between files frequently, and it takes me a while to find the tab I need as I usually have a dozen files open at a time. Terrible design - please remove or at the very least make it optional. I never comment on this kind of stuff but this update is extremely irritating.


What could make them helpful would be if there was a way to assign my own or select from a handful. I typically have at least 8-10 tabs open and it is hard to quickly tell them apart. Some sort of quick, simple visual to tell different projects apart could be handy – basically like chrome tabs help me quickly scan to find calendar or figma or whatever. Doing it by file type when i’m only actually using a single file type out of two options is compounding the issue and making scan-ability I was struggling with even harder.


yeah good call, it could work like the Cover Thumbnail functionality does in Figma. Let me create a 32x32 frame and assign it as the files favicon - that’d actually be really helpful.


Please, add option to hide tab icons. I’m getting insane while seeing them.


This could have been fixed in mere minutes. @Figma_Support step up your game please.

Taking away real estate from the tab titles is a hindrance to productivity as we have to click in to every file individually to find the right one when theres more than a few open. Also risk accidentally closing one (pro tip: shift + cmd + T, but still). I don’t see what benefit the icons are adding

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They have fixed it by hiding it if the tabs smaller than a certain width :raised_hands:
Great fix!

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