Can variant properties and variables be used to generate documents?

I generate different instances of a certain document (a letter to be precise) several times a day (in pdf).
Only thing, I change is

  1. the date
  2. the addressee
  3. the subject
  4. a certain word in the first paragraph,
  5. and a certain paragraph.

Now, the date, addressee and the subjects are very easy to customise by using component text properties. Also I can turn the certain paragraph on and off using boolean property. The certain words that I need to change are from a list, so that also can be handled by the text variable. BUT, these words have different character lengths and they push the next constant characters/sentences/words out of the frame or the next line making the letter look really odd. I want these constant characters wrap beside the text variable. Is that possible?

:x: Not Good Example:
Lorem ipsum Special words
dolor sit amet.

:white_check_mark: Good Example:
Lorem ipsum Special words dolor sit amet.

This isn’t possible natively but sounds like there should be a plugin for this. Search for some copywriting related plugins, maybe one of them would have something like this.