Can multiple Community Libraries retain their dependencies?

My team is creating a UI library that is really big, so we’ve split it into multiple libraries, starting with the basic atoms and elements and growing additional files into components using those earlier files. We’d like to release all 3 planned files to the community, but we’re unsure if each of these files will retain their dependencies on the previous files?

For example, all the colors are in the first file. The user downloads the second file and links the previous file as a dependency. Will those colors still have their values or will they be converted to hex codes and no longer my editable using my styles? We have similar questions, of course, with input fields, buttons, etc.

I’m not sure if anyone has done this for the community before - if they have I haven’t found an example, and we haven’t been able to find a previous topic specifically about this in the community. Any input it appreciated!

Hey @Alisha_Ober, thanks for reaching out!

Glad to hear that you want to share your library with the community, but sadly, separate files published to the community currently do not retain their dependencies across other files.

This is a current feature limitation that we’re aware of, and it’s on our radar for improvement, but we don’t have an exact timeline to share yet.