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Can I see who installed my plugin?

Just published my first plugin and have had a handful of installs - is there any way of seeing who installed the plugin from the publisher’s side?

After your plugin is reviewed and published in the community, you will receive notifications about who installed it, who likes it, and who left comments on your plugin. To do this, go to the “Community” page and click on the notification icon.


Thanks @tank666 - I see the problem now is that I published under the team profile but not also including my own personal profile. I’m not seeing notifications on my personal account even though I created the team, any ideas how I can see them from the POV of the team community profile?

Can you edit the plugin page from your personal account? If so, you will receive notifications after the review. Is your plugin already reviewed and available for installation by other users?

Yes I can edit it and it’s been successfully reviewed. Oddly I have a notification for a previous version that was from a rejected review (over a month ago). Haven’t had any notifications for the plugin that was published yesterday despite 6 installs.

Send a link to your plugin, I will install it so that an entry appears in your “Community notifications”.