Can I make an autolayout frame into a layer boolean?

Hi all!

I’m trying to make a component for a design system where I want an icon to have an overlay background. This icon has several variant properties already (different colors, different sizes, etc) and I want there to be a layer boolean property where one variant of the icon (when it is large and white) to have the option for an overlay background to be able to appear behind it centered. I made a version where the background was a rectangle or a frame which works, however the frame is not resizable.

My solution would be to create an autolayout frame around the icon variant that hugs responsively, so users once the switch the boolean layer on, they can resize the rectangle overlay to any size they want (for any size device screen).

However, I am wondering if I can make an autolayout frame into a layer boolean? It seems I can only make the icon itself into a layer boolean, not the other way around. Has anyone run into a similar issue?
Thanks so much! :smile:

You can make autolayout frames into layer booleans but I’m not sure what exactly your issue is. Could you share an example file?

Features which could also be helpful:

  • Position absolute
  • Pinning
  • Scaling tool (K) to scale elements proportionally
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