Button labels randomly change in prototype

I’m working on a sidebar design and the prototype keeps changing the button labels on me.

I’m using a string variable to control the states of the tabs and the sidebar content. That part works fine.

Each sidebar link is a button component, and the label is a text property within that component.

When I actually use the prototype, it works fine for a second but as soon as I do anything more that just switch tabs, the button labels start persisting between screens. I’ve tried changing the state management settings every which way and I cannot figure out what’s going on or why. I could probably rebuild the prototype in a less efficient way, but I like how atomic this is and would like for it work because it’s so close.

Has anyone run into something like this before, how did you solve it?

I have the same problem, and unfortunately, I haven’t found an elegant solution. I’ve deleted all the variable collections multiple times on all pages but it didn’t help.

What helped was to detach the components. But that’s not quite the right solution.

I have the same problem and can’t resolve it easily. I think it is a bug :upside_down_face:

Same problem here. When I change the state of the button the default Text appears instead of the text that I entered on the other state (eg changing a button from disabled to enabled when a different button is clicked.

my theory that you are using the same layers Names in here

try to change the layers names in each variation

So smart that actually worked! Thanks for the tip!