Bulleted list styles - checkboxes

Hi, I’m working on a large infographic project that involves creating several multi-item checklists. I’m wondering if there is any level of customization for bulleted lists in Figma I can take advantage of.

In InDesign, for example, a bulleted list can be customized to swap the bullet character for any other character, including a checkbox.

The only option I’ve found so far would be to create a component for an individual line item and auto-layout into a list. Otherwise I’m looking at manually placing each box over the generated bullet points (see attached). Both solutions require copy-pasting line-by-line, and I’m looking at around 90 list items at a time for a dozen lists.

Any ideas on creating a general list property change and escaping a little tedium? Thanks very much.

That’s the correct & only way.

Bummer to hear, but thank you :saluting_face: