Bulk editing component properties / set

I have a big icon library where every icon is its own component set with 9 variants. I need to add the same properties on all component sets. Bulk editing multiple component sets at the same time would be a huge time saver.

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I have an icon set with each icon as a separate component. I want to add a new property to each of them without going through each icon individually. I expect to select them all and to be able to add a property via the property panel.

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Any updates on this?

Hello there, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Currently, it’s not possible to add or edit the same properties in multiple component sets at once. However, we are aware of this feedback and are eager to receive more votes and comments on this topic. We use voting to gauge community interest and prioritize accordingly.

If anyone would like to see this feature implemented, please show your support by voting for it.

Thanks again for your valuable input.