Bulk define "Layer" component properties

I want to bulk add boolean properties to variants in the same way I can edit their name for basic properties (e.g., State=Default).

I’m looking to do the same thing for the layer property, which doesn’t support using the variant layer name convention to achieve the same effect.

Any suggestions for native Figma tools to achieve this would be appreciated. I’m open to plugins, but I’m coming up empty-handed.

Are you looking for this magic button by any chance?

That button is magic, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work in this case. I should have clarified this part:

I’m trying to mass select the same layer within hundreds of separate variants to then apply the layer boolean property.

To be specific, I’m trying to make a customized version of the Phosphorus icons where the “DuoTone” layer in each variant set is a boolean toggle instead of a whole variant. My goal is to make all “stroke” versions (Light, Regular, Bold) have the DuoTone layer as a boolean option.

You can create a variant property named Due Tone then select all due tone Icons and set the value True, while settings other to False. This will make the property variant as Boolean.

Is there a way to mass set a property named DuoTone? There’s like 500 variant containers :slight_smile:

@Guy_Meyer1 I am sorry I couldn’t get to you earlier

Select the main component then create a new variant property

The Select the required instances and adjust the value as required