Bug with a "starred" (?) file

I received a link to a Figma file and I can’t star it. Or I can and it’s glitched.

This is the view from the Recent Files page. It’s not clear whether or not this file is actually starred. Either it’s not possible for me to star this file or there’s a bug. Definitely something’s wrong though cause if it can’t be starred it shouldn’t be showing as “:heavy_check_mark: starred” in that dropdown.

edit: There’s sooo little information available to me about this file that I’m thinking it came from outside our organization. Is that a thing? Would that prevent me from starring it? If so there should be some kinda messaging telling me I can’t star it and why.

Having a similar issue with folders, when I star them, they get removed immediately. Did you get any further with solving this?

My folders are from my own team so I doubt is a permission issue.