Bug: syncing size from parent component to instances doesn't work. Although sometimes does

All in the title.
I reset size in instance → change size in parent component → instance doesn’t pick up new size.
Here’s the video CleanShot 2023-12-11 at 18.10.55 · CleanShot Cloud

Hey Eugene, thank you for reaching out! Are both main component and the instance located in the same file? If so then the instance should automatically get updates, otherwise an update needs to be published.

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Yes, it’s the same file.

Here’s the logic I discovered (and sadly I think it’s just how Figma works currently): 1) a parent component has some width/height set up;
2) in a child component I change only width from fixed (set in parent comp.) to, say, “fill”; I have auto-layout applied all over the place and constantly toggling width or height from fixed to auto-sizing is pretty much a requirement;
3) now I’m guessing here: Figma registers change in width like “change in size” although height wasn’t changed, only width; looks like it doesn’t treat width and height as separate values when syncing parent and child components;
4) because of this if I change height in the parent component, the app doesn’t pick it up for the child component; I have to reset size changes to make it sync.

To me it’s clearly a UX bug but it might be something on coding side as well.

Hey! Apologies for the late reply. Hmm, would you mind when I create a support ticket on your behalf? Our technical quality can take a look into this.

Hi Gayani.
Yes, sure.

I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #882784, for reference. Someone from support should be in touch soon.