I use Figma for UI and graphic design but also for illustration and some motion now. And one thing that I miss often is brushes ! Vector ones of course. Not even complicated ones, without transparency, maybe just a pencil, a paint brush and a marker.

Maybe just the ability to add automatic variations to the strokes to give them a more natural or hand drawn feel. I tried Variable-Width stroke plugin but i wasn’t convinced.

The option could be add to the stroke panel, in the advanced stroke options.

Am I the only one who dreams about it ?


With more and more illustrations popping up in the community, using Figma, this makes perfect sense. Varied brush strokes weights, but also some added texture types. My team really wants to use Figma as much as possible, but this is one issue as to why they can’t.


Does this mean there’s nothing available at the moment for figma?

Nope. There isn’t :slightly_frowning_face:

My girlfriend does technical drawings in the fashion industry and I honestly think the ONLY thing that would prohibit fashion designers from switching to Figma (from Illustrator) is brushes.

The critical one is custom brushes for each type of seam etc. But the blob brush for adding fills behind the line-work would be pretty handy too.