Branching (using "Sections"): "Update from main" frame by frame

Right now, working with branches is quite limiting in the sense that:

  1. If I have a figma project, with 2 frames (Frame “A” and “B”) contained within the same section
  2. I open my branch and select “Update from main…
  3. Frame “A” has some changes I want to APPLY to the branch, BUT Frame “B” has some changes I want to KEEP in the branch
  4. PROBLEM: because both frames are contained within the same section, when updating from main file, I can only resolve the conflicts by updating all the frames, and therefore losing either the uptades in the branch or in from the main file.

What I need: More granularity in what updates from the main file I need to ADD from the main file and which ones to keep in the current branch I’m working. Conflict resolution today is ALL or NOTHING and this doesn’t work.

Sections are great for keeping my files organized, but they’re making it IMPOSSIBLE to work with Figma branches. Please fix this.

Thank you!

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There needs to be a solution for more granular branch management. It feels like a toy compared to what is needed: Granular diffing. Like major granular diffing. We are losing work because of limits with Figma’s branching.