Branching (using "Sections"): "Update from main" frame by frame

Right now, working with branches is quite limiting in the sense that:

  1. If I have a Figma project, with 2 frames (Frame “A” and “B”) contained within the same section
  2. I open my branch and select “Update from main…
  3. Frame “A” has some changes I want to APPLY to the branch, BUT Frame “B” has some changes I want to KEEP in the branch
  4. PROBLEM: because both frames are contained within the same section, when updating from main file, I can only resolve the conflicts by updating all the frames, and therefore losing either the uptades in the branch or in from the main file.

What I need: More granularity in what updates from the main file I need to ADD from the main file and which ones to keep in the current branch I’m working. Conflict resolution today is ALL or NOTHING and this doesn’t work.

Sections are great for keeping my files organized, but they’re making it IMPOSSIBLE to work with Figma branches. Please fix this.

Thank you!


There needs to be a solution for more granular branch management. It feels like a toy compared to what is needed: Granular diffing. Like major granular diffing. We are losing work because of limits with Figma’s branching.

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There has to be the way to make changes more granular. Otherwise, branching becomes useless in larger projects.


We’re encountering the same problem. Currently also some elements get randomly lost while updating a branch. It’s really frustrating. :confused:


Same here. This really limits our use of Branching.

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+9999 :smile: team also have this problem

Our team is facing this problem and is trying to stop using sections.

We would like to at least have the option to exclude sections, or at least have the feature to allow the user to arbitrarily select and highlight the layers to be changed.

Hey everyone,
Thank you for your feedback, we hear you!
For visibility, we are pleased to inform you that we’ve launched a new feature. We’ve shipped the ability to view individual changes within a section during branch review!

If you have any issues related to merging branches, and the user’s branch contains sections, please let us know so we can pass it along to the team for consideration.


Awesome! Is great to see Figma giving branches some love after all this time. This will definitely unblock our team and hopefully help a bunch of other teams as well.

Thanks a bunch!

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