Branch File Not Updating From Main

We are experiencing an issue with our branching beta where there are updates available from the main file. When a user selects “Update From Main”, the Update from main file modal gets hung up and does not complete “Generating changed items”.

When this happens the user’s computer begins to chug and fans start spinning. Attached is a screenshot for reference.

Hi Ross,

I’ll DM you for more information - we’ll look into this.


Had a similar issue, although the changes were displayed (“Figma optimised the file for better performance” was the change), but the update ended in “An error occurred”.
Now there are still changes mentioned, but it immediately ends in this error.

I just experienced something similar. When I restarted the desktop app I didn’t see the option to update from the main file anymore so couldn’t reproduce the error.


Our team believes there were two issues here.
The issue described in the original post (the review modal spinning your CPU very hard and taking a long time, or forever, to load) we believe we’ve addressed. Let us know if any files are still taking a long time to load!

The second issue (updates from main being unclear and then erroring) we believe we also fixed. There was a class of invisible changes that would prompt with “update from main” that we’ve now filtered out, so you shouldn’t be prompted to update anymore in those cases. Let us know if you still have files with confusing updates from main, or if you get an error when taking an action with Branching & Merging!


This issue still appears when I try to update branch from main file :frowning: