Branch copying and errors in branch components when updating a master file

  1. At the moment there is no functionality to copy a branch from an already created branch. This functionality is very much needed for full-fledged work in branches. Since it often happens that you need to copy a branch with an already created design and make changes to the new branch. Will there be this functionality?

  2. At the moment when you change variants or a master component in the master file, this component is reset to zero in all branches when you update the branch. This is a strange solution since all branches are copies of the master file, like working with parent components and its copies in the same file. Changing the paddings inside the master component should not reset borders radius or color style settings. But at the moment it does. Using branches for design copies with variations becomes useless in branches because when you update a branch to the actual components from the master file, all the settings of the modified components are reset. Will this be fixed?