Boolean variables > Support for toggling value

It would be nice if we can toggle a boolean variable easily instead of having to use conditional.

Example solutions:

  1. Set variable [variable_name] to [!variable_name]
  2. Set variable [boolean_variable] to [true, false, toggle]

The ability to have the Boolean event be toggle would be amazing. Right now you can only set the Boolean to true or false with a click. With successive clicks you can’t turn it back off - hence the need for the option of Toggle. Updated to note that yes, you can use conditional functionality to make this happen but having it be a single select option is ideal.

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To create toggle functionality, you can add a conditional to check the current state of the object, and then set the boolean to whatever state it currently is/is not. It’s extra work, but it does the job :slight_smile:

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Yup, but it would be better if we can toggle it easily instead of using conditional.

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+1, this would make boolean variables so much better

This is now possible (not sure if it’s a new feature):

Simply add not or ! before the variable

Here it is in action:

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Not sure if this existed when I posted this, but thanks! This should do the trick.