Black overlay when hovering over an instance

I need to simulate a simple hover effect when hovering over a music cover, which is a layer on an instance, which is part of a huge playlist. The main component has 2 states, “enabled” and “hover” to simulate the hover effect. It also contains the title and a play button animating in.

My initial thought was to animate a black layer from 0% to 50% within the main component. But it doesn’t work as it is then replacing the music cover layer within the instance.

Any ideas?

Check out this file:

I hope this helps you.

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Thx, that’s what i’m looking for. But i don’t really get it. Can you give permission so can look at the prototype, or can you tell me how you did it? You got 2 components now, how are they linked together?

You can duplicate the file in your drafts to be able to study in more detail.

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Got it:)) Thank you!

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