Best setup for variables for fake data

I have a fairly content heavy prototype and I’m using variables for fake data but I feel like im using it in a way that is probably not the best way?

For example, I have a collection called “Fake Data”. In there, I have Users. In Users I have Modes such as “Full Name”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Phone Number”, “Email”. This lets me update a whole user profile and its updated everywhere and keeps all the “user’s” information together.

However, modes doesnt seem “right” for this? It definitely works but one very large limitation is that there’s caps to how many modes you can have and unless youre enterprise its very limited.

Is this the best way to achieve what Im trying to do or are there better ways to handle this type of use case without the Mode limitations?

@oscargodson heya! I had our variables team review your post. They’re wondering if you’d be willing to share a screenshot of the setup you have, so they can provide guidance.

A screen recording as a supplement would be great too, if you are able. If you’re uncomfortable sharing any of this on the forum, but would be willing to share privately, just reply here and let me know. I’ll follow up with you with next steps.

@ksn I can’t share the exact screens publicly but more than happy to share privately!

But I think one, hopefully, simple way to visualize what I’m trying to achieve is imagine an app to manage your contacts. The app has two columns. Left is people’s first names and on the right is information about the contact such as full name, address, email, etc.

When I click on “Kim” on the left, on the right I want it to show all of Kim’s information like, (555) 555-5555, etc.

By having it in variables it means that I could replace Kim with Oscar, update, etc. Now everywhere that Kim was now Oscar exists.

This is very helpful for demos for example since I can replace emails with a potential client’s emails, or update the contact info with their info. All my prototype still “Just Works” since it just references like `fakeData/Fake User 1".

But as mentioned, more than happy to do a short video clip of what im doing or screenshots!

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ty for the details! I’ll follow up with you via DM – those recordings/screenshots would be great :grin: