Best practices for component/question set/changing behaviours

Hi, I am designing a complex web form/application. Users will answer multiple questions triggering various changes/behaviours on the application.

I can build complex components/variants.
Where I’m stuck is what/how I should build?

Does anyone have a good resource/site that can show/teach me the best practices/approaches to the various design/behavior solutions?

For example, one question/trigger will change the entire set of questions below that trigger while keeping everything above the same.

Any advice is appreciated.

It sounds like a flowchart in FigJam may be more appropriate than a prototype in Figma! But perhaps I’m not understanding, so if you don’t mind me asking:

are you trying to figure out how to most efficiently build this holistic form experience with every possible path in Figma?

or are you designing the form flow (agnostic of what the interface looks like) and need a way to visualize the questions and answer paths?