[Beginner question] Multi-level dropdown menu in side bar not working

Hey guys, can someone explain me what I did wrong?

For an imaginary appliances shop I am currently working on a side bar which, among other items, includes a multi-level drop down menu.
The top-layer is a “categories menu” which is by closed default. When expanded it shows all the categories for an activity (e.g. grilling, cooking, baking, and so on) which are it’s sub-menus.
When clicked on one of these activities it opens a second sub-menu for each activity that shows different tools for that activity (e.g. grilling > electro grills).
Some of these sub-sub-menus also have different sub-menus. (e.g. grilling > electro grills > table grills)
So with the category menu as the master it’s 4 layers deep (categories > grilling > electro grills > table grills).

I’ve made each sub-sub-menu (electro grills) it’s own component so I have a different state for closed and opened with all it’s menus. These sub-sub-menus are nested in their respective master-menus. So my electro grill component with it’s sub menus is nested inside the grilling component.

My categories menu is built with these nested sub-menus. So part of the categories menu component is the grilling menu component where the electro grill component is nested in.

Everything is auto-layouted, and I used components as well to manage thickness, font size and whether or not an icon is shown depending on it’s state.

When I test my menu and click on the categories menu it switches to an active state but doesn’t expand.

When I click on the padding around the menu it switches to active and also expands to show the sub-menus.

When then clicked on the sub-menus they don’t expand and just change.

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