.base component not seeing updates reflected in design file

Hi. I recently ran into an issue that didn’t exist before. I have a button component in a Figma library file that uses a .base component with hidden nested items such as icons. The button component was added to a new Figma design file. I changed the default text to read Submit and set it to be in its hover state. Next, I went back to the original .base component and updated the button by changing the background color of the hover state to something different. After accepting the changes made in the Figma library file, I did not see the updates to the button component on the Figma design file. The hover state of the button still had the old color.

Next, I dragged a new button component into the Figma design file and when I changed its state to hover, it had the updated color. There seems to be an issue with the .base component especially when it is modified before the new update. Is anyone else dealing with the same issue? Thanks!

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Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out. It sounds strange. Is it happening both on the Figma app and web app? If it’s only in the Desktop app, can you try clearing cache?

Also, you may be able to find some troubleshooting tips below, so could you try these out?

If the issue persists, could you share the screen recordings and share the file link with access to support-share@figma.com? It won’t affect your billing. I hope I can investigate it further.


@y_toku I cleared my cache and tried on both the desktop app and the browser version with no success. The attached video is a quick demo that we created to show our issues with the .base component. Any new update made to the .base component from the library file is not reflected in the design file that were overridden as shown in the video.

Thanks for the details! Thanks to your screen recordings, I think I could replicate on my end. I will check this issue internally, and will let you know if I have anything I can share with you.

Thanks for your patience!