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Back button in Community search is broken

When you search for a topic in the community, you find a bunch of files.

All is good. Say you click on one to explore it. Here’s the problem: once you’re there, you’re stuck. There’s no way to go back to your original search and see all the results and maybe explore diferent files. Clicking the arrows at the top left gets you back to a new search.

I find it shocking that no one at figma has thought about this specific flow.


Yes, I was looking at a lot of plugins recently and it was very cumbersome. It’s not as bad if you use the browser version of Figma, since you can cmnd or ctrl click to open in a new tab, but then you have a lot of tabs.

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Faced with this as well. And it’s kind of irritating stuff.
Why the search becomes empty?
Why I can come back to the list of all results?

Proof: CleanShot 21-05 at 11.26 · CleanShot Cloud

  1. In community - card detail, when i click back button, I can’t back the main pages ,it just tell me to search something

  2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)

Please fix! It hasn’t been working for weeks and it’s becoming cumbersome to work with.

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I just found out that the bug has been fixed, but it was still there yesterday.

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not working for me yet!

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Yup, still broken for me. :frowning: