Automatically update owned community resources when creators update them

Let me explain what I mean. I found and bought very useful Figma templates and libraries from the Community section. The problem is when I want to use such a template I need to make a copy of it that is then stored in my account (e.g. “Version 1.0”). If the original creator then releases an update of this library or template (“Version 1.1”) its a manual overhead every time to replace the file and relink my components. Is there no smarter way to get such files automatically update when the original source gets updated? Or is there a better way to go about it?

That’s one of the features I miss from Sketch libraries. Thanks!

Hey @TommyUX - hear what you’re saying & asking for. I understand the added convenience this would have, but I don’t think there’s an option for resources to be automatically updated when the creator pushes one out (at this time).

On the flip side, I think having a resources automatically update could be detrimental to some. There could potentially be automatic changes that affect designs negatively without notice. To add a bit extra to your question, I wonder if having this be an opt-in feature would be useful (like you can opt to get automatic updates pushed, or just be alerted when one comes out).

I’m gonna convert your topic to a share feedback one and adjust the title of it. I think there are others that may be looking for something similar, and they can give +1

Yes thanks. I think it would be indeed a very powerful feature to have.