Automatically select newly added components in preferred values folder/frame

For instance swap component properties, you can define preferred values in Figma. The components you can select for that are organized by page and frame(s) they are located in. I have icons in my project that each are a component which are inside the same frame. Now, for other components I have defined an instance swap property to swap the icon in that component. For this, I checked the checkbox to select all the icons in the icon folder/frame. However, when I create new icon components in the frame, they are not selected automatically which means that I have to reselect all icons for each component that has an icon instance swap property every time I add a new icon.

I wish for newly added components to be automatically selected as a preferred value if that component is inside a frame where all other components have been selected already.

Hello @mkippenberger, I appreciate you for expressing your thoughts on the preferred values in the instance swap property menu. Also, thanks for the screenshots!

I can see how this idea would be useful for you, and I think it could also benefit other members of our community. We are eagerly anticipating the response of our community to this idea.

If anyone in our community agrees with this idea, please show your support by voting!

Thank you once again for your valuable input.