Auto layout wrap from right to left

As a global platform like Figma, it would be fantastic to have an auto layout wrap feature that supports RTL languages.


100% agree!
I spent way too much time looking around the auto layout feature, assuming Figma would have already thought about this use case.

In the mean time, my work around is to horizontally flip the frame and then do the same to the elements inside the frame. It’s a weird thing to have to do, but it works :confused:

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+1 this is a great Idea. Hope they add it soon.

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I’m currently achieving this by applying horizontal flipping for both container and inner content.

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I also really need it

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pls Add this feature

This would be great and I needed it a lot since I design mostly for RTL

Yes please add this feature as it is is really needed for RTL layouts

+1… Crucial for people who work with RTL languages