Auto layout HELP :(

Hi, im new here to figma, I have an issue with auto layout. When i try to do it, the position of all the elements changes like i showed here, in the pictures. The 1st is before adding auto layout and 2nd after. Thanks in advance!

I couldnt add the pics so here are links!

Do you want auto-layout to keep these elements in their original position? Can you show us what do you want auto-layout to do for you?

At the moment, it’s not possible to auto-layout these elements without them moving because auto-layout will either have them stack horizontally, or all of them vertically.

If you want to have a mix of horizontal and vertical stacking, you will need to nest groups. So you would put both top headphones (Red+Blue) together in one group, and the Green one in another group, then have both groups in one frame with autolayout.

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