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Auto-layout component with tooltip

I’m trying to create a button with a tooltip on hover:

The only problem is, as the text is different for each button, so is the size and I can’t use auto-layout as the tooltip will now be included in the frame and so the hover will break:

If I put the button with different text into an auto-layout next to another button, I get this:

Basically, is there a way to resize the component frame without breaking the hover?

Hi @alexf. You can put a tooltip in a zero-height frame, and this frame in Auto Layout. I just updated the community file where I added a tooltip for the buttons. Duplicate and see how it works.

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That’s awesome. Thanks for that! :smiley:

Hey @tank666, curious how you managed to make the frame zero-height? I can only get mine to go to 1px.

Just write in the input .001.

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