Auto layout clipping content

I am trying to create a form, where I’m using auto-layout to stack frames (each frame is a different field with interactions that change the height of the frame). Some of these elements are dropdowns, and I am unchecking “Clip content” so that the dropdown can appear correctly.

The problem is when I use auto-layout to stack the frames, the dropdowns are getting cut off. It appears that this is because the top frames are below the bottom frames in the layers, but I can’t seem to change this to make it work.

Yes, this is because the layers in Auto Layout are ordered the other way around. There are several ways to fix:

  • Don’t use Auto Layout to combine these objects;
  • Or rotate this Auto Layout 180° and then place your objects in it.

You can also vote for this idea: Layer order in Auto-Layout


Wow, mind blown by that 180 trick :exploding_head:
That works great! Thank you!

That’s a really good work around! thanks, I’ll try this for sure :slight_smile:

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