Audio problems in prototype

I’m having issues getting audio to play correctly both on my browser and my iphone. It works better on my browser but it’s very inconsistent. I set up the audio so that when you click on an outlined sound icon, it overlays with a filled sound icon and the video with the audio (mp4) is off the frame so that you can only hear the sound. Then after a delay, the icon is triggered to go back to the outlined sound icon. When I open up the prototype, the sound either doesn’t play at all, or will start in the middle of the audio, or will keep repeating the audio. But then I have a different page with the same sounds and interactions (just a few more added things) and the sound works fine on there. I can’t figure out what the issue is. I messed around with the settings to try “resetting the component state”, “resetting the video state”, etc, but I still run into the same issues. Currently I have all those settings turned off. I’ve looked at all sort of forums and videos but couldn’t find a solution. Please help!