Applying a variable to a pointed element

Let’s imagine that we have a variable that we use for some number of elements, as we don’t want to create a separate one for each element (let’s say, a visibility variable - boolean “Visibility” with a default value = true). Now, as far as I know, there’s no way to point the state of this variable only for a certain element of this group. What I am looking for is how to control (eg. by a button or checkbox) the common variable but only in a certain context / frame / group / any nested element.

Maybe by using some formula like .[frame name].[component name].[variable name] to point out precisely only the element whose state we want to change. Ofc now Figma allows naming components / frames / groups with the same names but I am sure that each element has its one unique id or any data that it would be possible to refer to in order to point out the element in which we want to change the state of the variable.

That would help in reducing the number of variables, especially in large forms that we love to design in Figma :sunglasses: