Apply conditional variables

Hello guys! have an issue with local variables. Create a Boolean variable (First frame) but i can find it on right panel to apply it to my variant. Tried searching also but no luck. What could be the problem?

Hi @Yusuf_khalid, Thanks for reaching out about this! It sounds like you’re trying to use a boolean variable with a variant.

Just to clarify, boolean variables can apply to Instances that have “variant property” with values of true and false, and there’s a current limitation where boolean variables cannot be applied to boolean component properties.

To apply a boolean variable to a variant property of an instance, please follow these steps to see if it suits your design needs:

  1. Create a “variant property” in your component set that includes variants with two values: true and false.
  2. Apply the boolean variable to the instance’s variant property.

Here are some resources that might help you further understand and apply these concepts:

I hope this helps! If there’s anything I’ve misunderstood, please let us know. Also, if anyone from our community has additional suggestions, feel free to share.

Thank you again for reaching out!

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