Anyone else experiencing Figma beta resizing icons and shifting auto-layout on its own?

Weird Issues

  • Sometimes I’ll resize it either via the scale shortcut or the height/width in the design panel. Then I’ll move onto the next thing to correct and sometimes icons will resize on their own.
  • If I copy and paste something that has auto-layout on it and paste it into another table cell in my design file, it will shift that auto-layout entirely to the opposite direction than how it was set.
  • At one point, when moving between two columns within my table, the layers in Figma beta were all flickering…

Sorry that I couldn’t get an accurate recording to post with this issue. Of course, when I tried doing it again while recording my screen, that’s when Figma chose to behave. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’ve already tried:

  • Restarting my computer
  • Downloading the latest software update from MacOS
  • Redownloading Figma Beta
  • Uninstalling plugins before I realized that isn’t something that you can do…

Please help! This is preventing me from making some progress at work today.

Oh, another point I should add is that I checked in with the rest of the designers on my team. This isn’t a Figma library issue either. None of the variables or iconography were recently changed.

Hey Gina, thanks for reaching out!

Our team confirmed that this was a bug, but they’ve already pushed a fix. Are you still having issues?