Any fixes for why Figma keeps showing me as offline

Hello, I am a long time user of Figma and I use the tool at work everyday. I have noticed that when I am working in my desktop browser or in the application it shows me as offline. What normally happens is I will be in a file and working on the desktop application notice that it is displaying as offline and then I will copy the link to file and open it up in my desktop browser to try and work from there. Sometimes it works but I have noticed that both are showing as offline. Plus, I have the fastest internet possible and it is not a internet issue. I am wondering how to resolve this problem? I also recently updated the app?

Hi @lia.divalentin sorry to hear this is happening!

Is this impacting just a single file or it happens across all of your files? Does the file eventually go back on or do you need to do something to resolve the issue?

Do you have any antivirus or firewalls on your device? If you do have an antivirus software running, please check that the virus definitions are updated to the latest version. If you’re connected via a firewall we suggest making sure that Port 443 is unblocked and that is unblocked as described in:
Technical troubleshooting tips

Just to rule out any network issues, it may also help to see if you encountering this issue if you connect to another network (e.g. mobile hotspot).

I had the same problem today.

I had five other files opened in active tabs on my desktop app. All the other files that were in the open tabs were synced apart from the file I was working on. If I shared a link it would open up the file from when it was last synced which was 3 days old…

The only way I could resolve was by saving the unsynced file as a .fig file deleting the old file and opening the saved .fig file. It’s a bit of a hack but it worked. I would have hated to have had Figma crash as I would have lost 3 days work.

Very odd, I’ve never seen this before.

I have the same issue as Lia, @Ryan_52 . @lia.divalentin could you please share with me if any of the things suggested by Ryan worked? Thanks!

Same issue here. I get always offline meanwhile all other applications are online.
no mobile router, ports are open, no network issues, no anti-virus (mac)
not with all files (how can some files are offline and some online at the same time?)
I just switched between all files randomly and it seems to help, but its not a long-term solution, right?

Hi, same issue here. I’ve been using Figma for months as a developer working with my Design counterparts, and this is the first this has occurred. Seemingly overnight a “This page is not available offline” error is showing up at the bottom-center of my window (using Figma in the browser) for any file, and totally blocks any ability to navigate the Pages or views within the file, crippling workflow. Internet connection is working perfectly and performant, no VPN. Tried closing/reopening, restarting my computer, etc to no avail. Downloading the app and opening the same file there was successful, thankfully, though based on other users’ comments I’m not sure it will be a lasting resolution. This is a really poor experience that a number of people seem to be having with no solution responses from Figma. Some help please?

This is currently happening to me too. It is showing me as offline and is not able to sync my changes. I tried using a different internet, and even my hotspot on my phone and nothing seems to be working. Wondering if there is something up with the cloud service. I am too nervous to close anything down because I just built a huge prototype.

Same, in fact, I think it’s happening more frequently last month/this month. It doesn’t matter if I’m on the desktop app or on a browser, different computer, or different internet. Happening across multiple files, not any particular one…

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Happens to me a lot too! I can almost always fix by refreshing the tab but it’s still annoying. So far I have not lost any changes because of this however.

Hi all,

Thanks for reaching out. The most common reason this happens is because there’s a network security app, like a VPN, proxy or firewall blocking the connection. In Chrome, this may also be due to a blocking plugin of some kind.

To help prevent this, we’d suggest making sure all network security apps have added to the safelist and that you unblock Port 443 if that option is open to you.

If the issue persists, could you reach out directly to the support team: They will look into this.

Thanks for your patience.

This is also happening to me. Increasing in frequency since last month. Now happening all day within minutes of opening a file now. I can only remedy it by quitting Figma and restarting. This is a constant need now. Very distracting and frustrating.

Macbook Pro M1 / Sonoma V 14.3.1 / Figma Desktop

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Same thing here and it’s getting worse.
I use VPN (company policies) for a while and it wasn’t having this issue so often before.

Same here and this completely blocks me from doing my work :sob:

This will sound crazy but I can consistently make it work by opening the developer tools (CMD + Option/Alt + J on Mac + Chrome), viewing Figma on dimensions Responsive, and then closing developer tools.

Same issue

Same issue… :neutral_face: