Animation while prototyping with "Set Variable"

I was super excited about the new variable features! However there’s no transitions if I am using “Set Variable” to achieve different states.



I’ve used set state to adjust padding for an element or update an element’s visibility, but the instant transition ruins the realistic and smooth feel of a dissolve or smart animation transition.

We NEED this if we’re going to use variables to create more refined prototype flows that are still realistic.


I call your +100 and raise to +1000

This is SAD. SAD. SAD.

Please Figma!

At least “number” variables should have an easing function. I can hack “hide/show” by changing the width (super annoying still) but since “number” variables also update immediately, it’s basically the same as using a “boolean” for the effect :upside_down_face:

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Still waiting for an update to this…

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