Animated mesh gradient

I am trying to add a animated mesh gradient animation in a frame but little confused how to add linked components into the frame to preview the animation

Hey there!
Celine here, happy to help! If I understand well, if you want to see your component in the preview mode, you need first to add your components (and design assets of your mesh gradients) in your frames. Then, select your frame, and click in the Preview mode to see it.

Also, to cover some basics, in order to build your animation, in your prototype, you’d need to set interactions between your frames. Here’s our guide to build prototype that may help you : here

I’ve also found some tutorials how to create animated mesh gradient that may help you to build it:

I hope this clarifies a bit for you! Now, I’ll pass the mic to the community. We have many experts who can share their insights and experiences to create this. Feel free to join in the conversation!