⌘← and ⌘→ does not work as expected in "Find…" search box

On Mac, across all applications, including in other contexts in the Figma app, I use these shortcuts (⌘← and ⌘→) to move the text input cursor to the beginning or end of a line. But when in the “Find…” search field, it instead resizes the selected frame’s width/height. This is very irritating.

Also note: The behavior isn’t in the Figma shortcuts preferences panel, so I can’t change it there. And it isn’t in the app Menu bar, so I can’t edit the shortcut using System Settings.

Hmmm…this is interesting. I just tested this on my end, and I noticed that if you use native search in Mac (like clicking the search icon in the top tool bar, and using that search window), you can use ⌘← and ⌘→ to move the text to the end or the beginning of the text.

In Figma, if you use ⌥← or ⌥→ while in the ‘find’ bar, it does the behavior you are looking for. This also works for text you’re working with on the canvas (it will move you to the beginning/end of a word).

I did also notice, however, that there seemed to be some weird behavior if you’re using an external keyboard when using these shortcuts. I’ll check in on this on my end.

Does this seem to help a bit? I know it may not be ideal for it to be not uniform with your settings overall.

On a Mac, ⌥← jumps to the beginning of a word and ⌥→ jumps to the end of a word. This behavior is as expected in Figma search.

Meanwhile, ⌘← and ⌘→ jumps to the beginning/end of a line, respectively. This is the behavior does not work in Figma and—making matters worse—it can change the width of a frame if one is selected.

Got it - I understand what you’re saying now. I’m not sure on my end why the ⌘← and ⌘→ shortcuts don’t match with the system settings.

I can check in to see if this is intended behavior. Also @Ryan_52 – would you by chance have some additional knowledge I’m not aware of with this?

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Ah! Okay so I checked in on this internally - this is not an intended behavior, and a ticket was filed to have this addressed in a future update. I’m not quite sure when that will happen, but it should be aligned with the system when that’s fixed.

Appreciate you posting this :heart:

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