Alternative to plugin API to write operations

Hey there,

we’re planning to run an external tool, which uses the Figma API to edit a existing component in a figma file and generates images based on the variants which are associated to the component.

The problem is, that currently the REST API does not allow to write these kind of operations. We’re falling back to the plugin API, which currently is only available inside the Figma app, when a user is currently logged in. By automating these steps, we found out that:

  • Sometimes a captcha is used to prevent these kind of operations
  • Giving x successful login attepts, the user is blocked for a amount of 60 minutes

We have the following questions:

  1. Is it allowed to use such automation tools (ex. Selenium)?
  2. Is there any plan which allows these kind of operation for external systems?
  3. Are there any plans in the near future to support writing and exporting in the REST API, which are currently only supported by the plugin API?

Best regards,